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Will Houde

6 days ago

Orioles Picture Day!

With many missing today, would everyone like to shoot for Thursday team photos? 5/25. 5:20pm.

Or Tuesday 6/6 5:20pm.

Please let me know soon!



Will Houde

6 days ago

Orioles updates

Good evening.

Did anyone grab Jacks middle school hat after our game on Friday? Please check your baseball bags. Thanks!!

Also, we only have 5 players for tomorrow as of now. Please log on to site or the crossbar app and update your availability for the week.

Good luck tomorrow! Unfortunately I’ll be out of town and will miss the game.



Will Houde

2 weeks ago

Orioles Updates

Believe it or not, we are officially half way through the season. Our remaining 6 games will be played at the Davis School or down on H Field. We move to a 50/70 field where the runners can now lead and the pitchers will pitch from the stretch. This is our first taste of big league baseball and it can be a lot of fun for the boys. We will continue to work on defense, hitting, running and our pitching skills at practice.

Please make sure you update on Crossbar your availability. I try to look at noon on game day and map out the game to ensure everyone is getting equal opportunities to bat and playing innings. Please let me know if your status changes so we are prepared for the games.

Summer Baseball

This is one of my favorite times of the year when the days are long and hot and we play summer baseball. I'd love to see each and every one of you playing this summer. I'll include the link below. If you have any questions at all on Bay State or Middlesex Leagues, please ask as I've coached many years in each league. There is no cost to sign up for tryouts.

Sign up here:

See you Wednesday night!



Will Houde

3 weeks ago

Game on!

Game is still on for tonight.

5:45 start at Page Field

I’ll be there around 5:15.

Dress warm!



Will Houde

3 weeks ago

Orioles Baseball Updates

Happy Sunday!

Great first week of baseball as we get in our grove. I’m going to continue to rotate our lineup and positional play to let everyone try new positions and balance off the plate appearances.

If there is a position your son would like to play, please let me know. Also, if they have any pitching experience or would like to try to pitch, also let me know so we can work them in.

This week we have games on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, weather permitting. Please go on to crossbar and update your availability so I can work on the lineups and pitching plan.

My goal is to continue to improve each game and each week leading up to the playoffs in June.

I’ll monitor the fields and update everyone of any changes or cancellations as soon as they are made.

Please share any feedback, questions or concerns so I can address them for you.

See you tomorrow around 5:15!



Will Houde

a month ago

First game is Monday night! I will keep an eye on the weather and send an update tomorrow afternoon.

I have everyone’s hats and game jerseys. I’ll shoot for a 5:10 arrival tomorrow if not rained out.

I hope to see you then!



Gretchen Heid

a month ago

Hi! Are there practices for the Orioles this week?



Will Houde

a month ago

Good afternoon.

I am very happy to welcome you to the American League Orioles. I will send out more communication in the days to come.

For now, a few quick points.

Season Starts Monday April 24th.

Games will be mostly Mondays and Wednesdays.

Our first six games will be on a traditional small diamond and our second 6 games will be on a 50/70 size field.

I am going to see if we can get a few practices before the season starts to get the boys together as a team.

Practices will then be on Saturday or Sunday. We can vote as a team on what works best for the majority

Please download the Crossbar application on your phones. This will be a great way for us to use the chat feature, communicate quickly, scheduling updates and availability.

It will be really important for you to let us know if you can not make any of the events so we can plan accordingly.


Each player should wear their team hat, an athletic supporter and baseball pants to all games and practices. No Metal spikes. Plastic cleats are highly recommended.

If you are a catcher and would like to borrow gear for the season, please let me know.

Bats: we can only use bats that are labeled USA BASEBALL. No bbcor or USSSA bats are allowed for safety reasons.


My coaching philosophy for the Spring Baseball League is to coach the boys at various positions while concentrating on the fundamentals of the game. Our town has a wide variety of talent across the age groups and I’ll be looking for our team to act with great sportsmanship towards our teammates and opposing teams. My goal is let the boys have a lot of fun while competing against their fellow classmates. If we can continue to improve each game, we have a great chance to win this league.


Jack Allen

Mitchell Curlin

Conor Dowdall

Sam Eisner

Ben Hagan

Rohan Heid

Ryan Houde

Chase Kresser

Landon Masters

Michael McInnis

Henrik Muelhoefer

Patrick Wasko

If you have any questions at all, feel free to reach out anytime.

Will Houde

Coach Orioles

Bedford Baseball President

(603) 361-4528 /


Will Houde
Head Coach

Geoff Chase
Assistant Coach
(868) 383-5892

Mark McInnis
Assistant Coach
(617) 953-5223

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