Zero Tolerance Policy

The Bedford Babe Ruth Baseball & Softball League will have “zero tolerance” when it comes to the conduct of managers, coaches, players and spectators. This policy is to ensure that all persons (parents, siblings, players, managers and coaches) can attend a game and enjoy themselves. Players and children of all ages should not have to be subjected to spectators who are negative or managers and coaches who cannot maintain a positive behavior before, during and after a game. In no way are any of the following rules meant to deter a manager or coach from successfully directing the game, nor are any of the rules prohibiting spectators from positively cheering and supporting their team.


1. Negative comments directed at Managers, Coaches, Players, Umpires and league staff will result in the immediate removal of the offender. If a spectator is involved, they will be asked to leave the park immediately by any member of the Board who is in attendance. If an individual refuses to leave the game, he/she will be suspended.

2. Team personnel (managers, coaches and players) who are ejected from a game will automatically receive a minimum of a one (1) game suspension. A second ejection in the same season will result in an indefinite suspension pending a hearing of the Board of Directors with the individual involved. If the decision of The Board of Directors is to reinstate the individual, and if the same individual is ejected a third time in the same season, the action will result in immediate termination for the balance of the season. The individual will become ineligible for participating on any postseason teams.

3. Any physical altercations with spectators, managers, coaches, players, umpires and league staff will result in the offenders being removed from the park and charges filed.

4. Parents are requested NOT to communicate excessively with players during the game and can be asked by a member of the Board of Directors to leave the park if frequent occurrence interferes with the manager’s and coach’s ability to direct the team.

5. Any Manager, Coach or Player who uses profanity that is directed toward an Umpire will be immediately ejected from the game. “Trash Talking” will NOT be tolerated.

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