PurposeBedford Babe Ruth Baseball/Softball, Inc. (BBRBS) is for the recreation of boys and girls from the ages of 6 to 18 and shall be geared strictly for the recreation of these boys and girls. At no point shall winning become more important than the pl
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2020 Summer Baseball/Softball Goals and Purpose

The goal of summer baseball and softball is to develop the values of teamwork, sportsmanship, and fair play for players from ages 9 to 19 in a highly competitive and demanding schedule of games.  Baseball teams frequently play 3 or 4 games per week and softball teams normally play 2 games per week against teams from other towns in the greater Boston area.  Additional practices are held at the discretion of the manager.

BBRBS strives to place teams in leagues where players will be challenged, enabling them to develop their playing skills to their full potential.  All players are required to try out for the teams, the rosters are limited, and playing time is not guaranteed or equal, but is dependent on many things including attendance at practice.  Summer baseball and softball requires a serious commitment by players and parents.

This summer we are committed to providing an opportunity for players ages 9-19 to participate in baseball and softball if we are permitted. Please note that a summer season is not guaranteed and depends on the state entering Phase 3. 

The 2020 summer schedule will run in July and August depending on the specific league a team is in and whether the team qualifies for post-season tournament play.  Overall, when both practices and games are included, the summer is a relatively intensive program. Recognizing that this is the vacation season, we do make modest allowances for family vacations without jeopardizing a youngster's roster spot. However, the commitment to the leagues is a significant one, and we request that longer vacations be reserved for later in August when the season has ended. Parents and players are asked to be realistic about the significance of this commitment. Summer ball isn't for everyone.

For those who do not want to play travel baseball and softball, we are offering options for player development and some fun with our in-town clinics.


Player Selection
Players are selected for summer teams based on the following:

  • Overall Spring season performance as observed by coaches
  • Season evaluation and/or statistics submitted by the spring coaches
  • Observations at the all-star game
  • Summer tryout held in middle of spring season
  • Commitments to other teams or activities
  • Vacations

We try to accommodate as many children who want to play as possible. But we cannot guarantee a spot for every child in the travel leagues. All players are welcome to participate in our clinics.


2020 Eligibility


Travel Baseball 


For Players Ages 16+

  1. Middlesex Senior Babe Ruth Baseball
    1. Up to age 21 (born before 5/1/04)
    2. Games begin week of 7/6/20


For Players Age 13-15

  1. Babe Ruth Baseball
    1. Ages 13-16 (born between 5/1/04 – 4/30/07)
    2. Games begin week of 7/6/20


For Players Ages 12 and Under

  1. Bay State A Division / Cal Ripken Major 12-year old District
    1. Ages 11-12 (born between 5/1/07 - 8/31/08)
    2. 70’ diamond
    3. Games begin week of July 26
  2. Bay State C Division / Cal Ripken Minor 10-year old District
    1. Ages 9-10 (born between 5/1/09 - 8/31/10)
    2. 60’ diamond
    3. Games begin week of July 26
  3. Bay State D Division / Cal Ripken Minor
    1. Age 9 (born between 5/1/10 - 8/31/11)
    2. Games begin week of July 26


Bay State Baseball


Travel Softball


Middle Essex Softball

A league of Middlesex and Essex county teams, run by USA softball.

  1. Softball 18U
    1. 18 years old or under as of 12/31/19
  2. Softball 12U
    1. 12 years old or under as of 12/31/19
  3. Softball 10U
    1. 10 years old or under as of 12/31/19


Middle Essex Softball


In-Town Baseball/Softball

To provide an opportunity for our baseball and softball players who are not interested in the travel program to play and develop skills, and maybe most importantly, to see each other again. At this time, we cannot guarantee the number of clinics and/or times, but we will try to maximize the field time after we have registration numbers. 

  • Ages 8-18, as of 5/1/20
  • Clinics will be divided into manageable age/skills groups for specific time slots, to be determined later.


Travel players only need to register for the travel team, as they may participate in the clinics if they do not conflict with travel games or practices.




Registration fees for the 2020 summer season will vary, depending on what program you sign up for. All registrations will require a $65 deposit that covers a uniform, custom mask, town field fee, and insurance. Once the travel teams are finalized, the remaining balance of the registration fee will need to be paid.


Anticipated Costs for Summer Leagues

  • Middlesex Senior Babe Ruth Baseball - $190
  • Babe Ruth Baseball - $140 
  • Bay State A Division - $190
  • Bay State C Division  - $140
  • Bay State D Division - $140
  • Middle Essex Softball - $165
  • In-Town Clinics - $65