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Babe Ruth League Coronavirus Update
Babe Ruth League Update: 3/19/20 https://www.baberuthleague.org/news/coronavirus.aspx Updated:...
BBRBS Plans for Spring Baseball: Updated 3/27/20
A Message from BBRBS President, Paul Schuman, on the 2020 Spring...
Babe Ruth League Coronavirus Update

Babe Ruth League Update: 3/19/20


Updated: March 19, 2020

Babe Ruth League’s highest priority is the health, well-being and safety of our participants, families, volunteers, and fans.

As we continue to monitor COVID-19 developments through the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) - https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/index.html - and to ensure that further actionable plans are in place, please be advised of the following. 

  • Per the correspondence released last week, we strongly advise that all Babe Ruth local league programs follow the safeguards set in place by their Local, State and Federal government agencies in regard to delaying/suspending league activities to protect the members of their community.  As such, we are supporting decisions to suspend baseball and softball activities until your Local, State, and Federal Government restrictions are lifted.
  • How long should your league delay or suspend your program activities?  As new information becomes available, Babe Ruth League will continue to advise you with the best course of action to take to protect the members of your league and to meet the guidelines of Local, State and Federal government agencies.  

We realize this pandemic will result in all of us taking concerted steps and making important decisions regarding the 2020 season.  As such: 

  • The deadline for local leagues to charter will be extended from May 15 to June 1, 2020.  
  • All local leagues that have not chartered and insured their program should do so to make sure you have insurance coverage and that your 2020 local league boards and volunteers are receiving all vital information from Babe Ruth Headquarters. (As a reminder, Babe Ruth insurance obtained for the 2019 season expired on February 1, 2020.) In order to obtain your charter and insurance, we suggest you enroll a minimum number of teams at this time. As in past seasons, your league will be able to complete “add/drops” for your team counts by July 1, 2020.
  • Also as in past seasons, leagues will be issued a credit for charter fees and a refund for accident/liability insurance for any teams that do not materialize in 2020.  Total cancellation of insurance coverage is not possible once coverage if obtained.              

It is the goal of Babe Ruth League to have a tournament trail this summer.  However, it is more important that we continue to review the progress being made in containing the virus before such a decision can be made.  We will wait a few more weeks and review every possible scenario before making our determination. 
We realize that many of you, as are we, are missing the valued traditions of the Babe Ruth League season.  For now, we ask you to focus on the guidelines set by your Local, State and Federal governments to make sure we are all committed to doing the best we can for the safety and well-being of everyone involved.
As a precaution, Babe Ruth League Headquarters (located in Hamilton, New Jersey) is following the directions of our Governor. Most of our staff is working from home. All systems have been set up remotely so that you can still contact any staff member with suggestions and/or questions regarding the 2020 season. 
We are committed to communicating with you on a consistent basis, providing you with additional information as it becomes available.
Please be safe and we hope to return to the baseball and softball fields as soon as safely possible.

by posted 03/27/2020
BBRBS Plans for Spring Baseball: Updated 3/27/20

A Message from BBRBS President, Paul Schuman, on the 2020 Spring League

Hi, Bedford Baseball and Softball Families,

I hope this email finds you all doing well and safe at home.

I know we all have more important things than baseball and softball on our minds these days, but I wanted to keep everyone in the loop on BBRBS’s plans and approach to this coming Season.  I also know that there are others, like me, who look forward to the baseball and softball season and will miss it greatly if it does not happen this year. 


League Status Update

As I mentioned in an earlier communication, we will follow the Town of Bedford and Bedford Public School's requirements and recommendations regarding cancelling BBRBS events and use of public recreational facilities. We will not hold a BBRBS event if the schools are closed for COVID 19, nor will we play any games until the fields are open by the town.We will also follow city, state and national guidelines as well as the guidelines set by the World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as they pertain to baseball and softball.

At this time, all BBRBS events are cancelled through May 4th, including tryouts and the pre-season coaches’ meeting.  We are working towards starting an abbreviated season during the week of June 1st, but, as you must know by now, nothing is certain and things may change in the upcoming weeks.  We will reassess the situation throughout April and keep everyone informed on new and updated information.


Approach for In-Town Season

We will do our best to hold an in-town season, however we will err on the side of caution for our kids and community.  It is likely that the season will be modified from past years to be shorter than normal, and/or possibly postponed to the summer.

I have met with the league presidents of surrounding towns, as well as our own board of directors. We are all committed to providing an in-town baseball and softball season to all of the kids who want to participate in Massachusetts and, if possible, give our summer players the opportunity to play against other towns.  We are working with the other towns to stay on a similar path and are considering several alternatives.  Softball is obviously more reliant on other towns and we will need to work with all the towns to make this work.  Unfortunately, at this time, we are still playing a waiting game to see how all the current measures impact the COVID-19 spread and our ability to safely get on the fields.


Needs for Preparing for Season and League Flexibility

My goal is for us to complete as many details as possible before the kids can get on the field.  I would like the whole league to be nimble so that if we are given a window of opportunity, we can be well positioned to use it.  These details may include the following:

  • We are considering not holding a tryout this season and having the managers and commissioners select teams via video conference calls with the goal of creating balanced teams.

  • We will be reaching out to all of you to determine who is willing to help coach a team.We have already approved a list of managers for each league.Please note that parent volunteers are the only reason our kids have a chance to play each year so please volunteer your time and services if you can!Once the coaches have been approved by the board, we will reach out to them to get the proper background checks in-place.This includes a state CORI check and a national background check; both are required for all volunteers.

  • We are also planning to hold the coaches meeting via video conference call using Zoom.To keep the number of participants low, we may need to hold these meetings by different league age groups.CORI forms will need to be submitted over the email with a copy of your driver’s license.This will allow us to have coaches complete their background checks.We will be meeting again in April to set a date for these coaches’ meetings.

  • We have already purchased the insurance for the kids for this year and have chartered our league.

  • We have ordered uniforms and equipment necessary to play the season.

Registration and Refund Questions

Since we are assuming we will have a season until we must decide otherwise, for now the league will hold spring registration fees until we have a firm plan in place. Once we make a final determination and know the format and length of the season for each age level, we will decide how to handle any pro-rating of fees or refunds to families who choose not to participate. In the event the season is not held at all, we will offer refunds or credit toward participation in future programs. We hope it does not come to that and that instead, we will all be able to watch our kids get outside and play ball.

Bedford Babe Ruth Community

I also have a goal to strengthen our Baseball and Softball Community and provide the players with opportunities to improve.  We are exploring alternatives for player outreach while in quarantine.  This may include:

  • Quizzes/Games where athletes are asked to answer questions and provide feedback.

  • U-tube video posts showing drills that can be done by any athlete while at home.

  • Social Media competitions for trick-shots or drills to allow Bedford Ball Players to show off their skills.

If we can pull a few of these together you will hear from the commissioners of each league or will receive a league wide email.  If anyone has other ideas on how we can encourage the kids to remain connected during this time, please let me know.

If I could give you one piece of advice to improve your son or daughter's skill that every coach will likely agree with it is this...try to find time to play catch with your son or daughter during this time!   I think you will find that 15 to 30 minutes of catch will be good for you and I know it will be good for them.


If you or your family needs anything please reach out to us.  We are a strong community and will help as best we can!

by posted 03/27/2020
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